Circling The Same

By Alex Butler

$ 30.00

Cloth-wrapped softcover
96 pages, illustrated
8.25 x 6 inches


Circling the Same is a collection of poems by Alex Butler addressing memory, family and loss. In this collection, Butler shares her attempt to capture, control and reason with the dead. The book contains thirty-nine poems divided in five section each of which captures a specific moment of grief. Photographs by Mirabelle Marden and Andrea Longacre-White, published by OHWOW.

Alex Butler is a writer and poet. Her second book, a memoir, is forthcoming Spring 2015 with Columbia University Press. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her son.

Mirabelle Marden is an artist who lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Andrea Longacre-White lives and works in Los Angeles, where she continues her long-standing interest in the photography, technology, object nexus.