By Luis Gispert

$ 30.00

80 pages, fully illustrated
8.75 x 11 inches


OHWOW is pleased to announce the publication of the artist's latest series of photographs, chronicling his two-year journey throughout the United States in pursuit of individuals obsessed with designer reproductions. The arresting book documents Gispert's discovery of the underground world of counterfeit culture. Decepción explores Gispert's highly stylized photographs of customized clothing, shoes, cars, and bedrooms outfitted with faux fabrics and logos. The images reveal a micro-economy fueled by capitalistic desires that reach toward a lifestyle that may never truly materialize. This consumer-driven aesthetic has always been a core tenet of Gispert's work - from surreal landscapes viewed via elaborate vehicle interiors to stylized portraits of various characters, the artwork acts as a composite, melding what is familiar with the unexpected.