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All Access World

By Agathe Snow

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Agathe Snow: All Access World presents new visions of apocalypse, rebellion, and social breakdown from New York–based performance and installation artist Agathe Snow. The exhibition at Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, presents an enveloping environment featuring new sculptures, collages, and videos that take up the world’s monuments, landmarks, and historical sites. Snow shifts these icons away from their traditional functions as repositories of collective memory and touchstones of national identity to increase their relevance to contemporary life and make them vessels of cultural exchange. The catalogue takes the form of a consumer guide illuminating the myriad possibilities contained within the brand of All Access World, the overseeing fictional corporation, whose stated aim is to promote “a more democratic approach to monument ownership and distribution.” Katherine Brinson contributes an essay offering the first comprehensive overview of Snow’s oeuvre thus far while the artist contributes a text describing her process and 20 exuberant collages that appropriate monuments’ archetypal forms and mash them up with contemporary icons and personal references. Published by Guggenheim Museum Publications.