Leap Second

By Kon Trubkovich

$ 65.00

Clothbound Hardcover
160 pages, fully illustrated
10.5 x 7.5 inches


This first monograph on the oeuvre of Kon Trubkovich (born 1979) surveys the Russian artist's career in color reproductions and in-depth critical discussion, traversing the period from his first museum exhibition in 2006 to the present day. His works delve into themes of rebellion, memory, imprisonment and perception through a wide variety of media, including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Trubkovich's multimedia creations are generally based upon film stills, sourced from videos that range from prison footage to found movie clips and home videos. Extended across a series, these isolated fragments, generally distorted or grainy, evoke human processes of memorialization and psychological narrative. The artist's solo exhibitions, all of which are touched upon here, include No Country for Old Men MoMA (PS1), Almost Nowhere, Signali (both Marianne Boesky) and Leap Second (OHWOW). Published by OSMOS.